Tips to Lessen Your Stress

In small doses, stress can help us perform under pressure and move us to do our best. But constantly feeling overwhelmed and frazzled can wreak havoc on our bodies, our relationships and our work. We all deal with stress. We can’t eliminate it in this life, but you can minimize your stress. Below are some practical tips to lessen your stress:

  • Journal. Pour out your thoughts, feelings and concerns on paper or keyboard. Then throw the paper away or delete, and choose to let go.
  • Ways to lessen your stressTake time out to meditate, pray or go for a walk and observe nature. Notice the trees and flowers, listen to the birds, watch the ever-changing cloud formations.
  • Exercise regularly. This relieves tension. Asking a friend to exercise with you will provide accountability and make it more fun.
  • Talk difficult issues over with a trusted friend.
  • Worship God. This changes your focus from yourself and problems to the sovereign God of the universe Who loves and longs to help you.
  • Get adequate rest and sleep at night.
  • Plan time for fun. Laughter is good medicine. Taking time to relax and play shouldn’t be considered a luxury.
  • Focus on what is positive and see the glass as half full. Turn your attention to things that have gone well and thank God for His goodness to you.
  • View stressful situations, large and small, as opportunities to learn. Stop, step back and think about creative ways you could benefit from these events. Velcro® and Post-It® notes are just two of the many brilliant ideas developed as solutions to frustrating problems.
  • Don’t procrastinate. It tends to increase stress.
  • Take five-minute vacations. Stop work for five minutes, relax, breathe deeply and think about something fun and pleasant. This can refresh your mind, and you’ll return to the project at hand with new clarity.
  • Be realistic. Learn to say “no.” And don’t demand too much of yourself or others.
  • Set aside one day each week as your Sabbath for restoration and time with God. Relax and do the things you enjoy.
  • Reward yourself. When you’ve completed a stressful task, do something, however small, just for you.

What ways have you found to lessen your stress? Share your tips in the box below.

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