Explore the Father’s Heart


Explore the Father’s Heart

Discover the Depths of Your Heavenly Father’s Heart of Love for You!
  • Discover the depth of your heavenly Father’s heart of love for you!
  • Find out what deepens or many hinder your friendship with Him.
  • Learn about your heavenly Father’s heart to bless you.
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As Christians, it’s easy to call God ‘Father.’ After all, Jesus taught His disciples to pray that way. Explore the Father’s Heart is a thought-provoking and very practical study that will encourage and enable you to experience and relate intimately to God as a loving Father.

God has put in each of our hearts a longing to know Him as a devoted, patient and wise Father, who protects, comforts, heals, guides, gives us our true identity and provides for all our needs.

We instinctively long for this. We want a safe place where we can be completely ourselves, accepted and loved for who we are, without having to fake it or fear judgment.

God invites us to come to Him. He welcomes our friendship. In this study, you will reflect on what this means and how you can enjoy a deeper, more intimate and rewarding relationship with your heavenly Father.


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