Enjoy a Restful Relaxing Getaway 30-Minutes



This longer relaxation audio will help you to ease any tension, calm down and more fully relax.

Calming Scriptures from the Bible, lead you through a more in-depth relaxation process. You'll feel calm, peaceful and enjoy a much needed time-out to restore and recharge.


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Christian Progressive Muscle Relaxation

On-the-Spot Vacation™ audio to help you
unwind, calm down and renew body and soul


Too busy? Always on the run? Need a time-out to recharge?

This longer audio is designed to help you calm your racing mind, release harmful tension and relax tight muscles. With calming Scriptures from the Bible, this audio leads you through a more in-depth relaxation process–gently tensing and then releasing each muscle group. You’ll feel calm, peaceful and enjoy a much needed time out to restore and recharge.

When listened to before bed, this audio can help you to relax and fall asleep more easily and quickly.

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