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  • He Knows Me by Name, a Quiet Streams audio

    He Knows Me by Name


    Experience God´s Deep Love for You

    This audio will simultaneously counteract your stress and remind you of who you are in God´s eyes. And help you overcome feelings of unlovableness and invisibility, and replace those feelings with security and belonging. Reminding you that nothing can separate you from the love of God.

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    not rated $3.99
  • I Give You Rest, a Quiet Streams devotional meditative audio

    Quiet Streams – I Give You Rest


    Exchange Your Worries and Concerns for God´s Rest

    This soothing audio will help you take the time to worship Jesus by surrendering your burdens to Him.

    You´ll not only become more relaxed, but you´ll also find yourself giving your worries and concerns to God in exchange for His rest and true intimacy with Him.

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    not rated $3.99
  • Who You Really Are, powerful declarations of who the Bible says you really are.

    Who You Really Are


    Reaffirm Your Authentic Identity in Christ Jesus

    We´re surrounded daily by thousands of negative messages that degrade our self-concept, through ads, “self-help” articles and books, video clips and more. “Who You Really Are” is designed to affirm your authentic identity in Christ Jesus. Hearing God´s truth about who we are can counteract and overcome the lies we may have received.
    Comes with BONUS PAGES – click to download.

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    not rated $3.99