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  • Discover the Royal You

    Discover the Royal You! Training for Reigning

    An in-depth Bible study that will change your life!
    • Be encouraged as you see yourself as you really are—as God sees you
    • Gain new confidence in your royal identity in Christ
    • Learn to quickly trade debilitating lies for powerful truths of Scripture
    • Discover how to rightly exercise your true God-given authority
    • Find answers you’ve been searching for as you discover and boldly pursue your divine destiny


    not rated $14.99
  • Leader's Guide

    Discover the Royal You | Leaders’ Guide

    Discover the Royal You! Training for Reigning

    Discussion Group Leaders’ Guide
    • Lead a dynamic and enjoyable small group that impacts lives!
    • Create a caring, fun atmosphere, where everyone feels welcome and valued
    • Motivate everyone in the group to contribute


    not rated $18.99