Peaceful Sleep Audio

sooth you, relieve your stress and help you sleep soundly.

In His Everlasting Arms
Peaceful Sleep audio

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This Honey for Your SoulTM Peaceful Sleep audio will make sleepless nights a thing of the past, and bring you back to the days of healthy, natural sleep, by

  • Incorporating calming background music that clocks in at 60 beats per minute, the average resting heart rate.
  • Using a soothing, gentle voice, which recites encouraging, relaxing scripture verses to remind your resting mind how much God loves you
  • Integrating nature sounds like ocean waves to help quiet your mind

Listen at bedtime and allow God's Word to usher you into a calming, restful night's sleep.

Run time: 45:15


What Are People Saying About In His Everlasting Arms?

“Often when I go to bed my brain is still busy and it’s hard to relax. But when I put headphones on and listen to my sleep CD, it clears the mental clutter and I feel calm. It’s just very soothing. I feel so peaceful and relaxed. Even when I wake up in the night, I can go right back to sleep.”

Georgia Hirsch 

“The sleep audio In His Everlasting Arms is a wonderful blend of original music, nature sounds and Bible verse. Since I started listening to it at bedtime I've been sleeping like a baby! The only problem is I never get to hear it all the way through because I fall asleep.”

Mary Walewski