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We’ve been given an indescribable gift Does Familiarity Breed Contempt?”
Our familiarity with the Christmas story may not lead to contempt, it can detract from the incredible depth of meaning it holds.
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Familiarity May Not Breed Contempt


Praise Isn't an Option!Praise Isn’t an Option”
Praise has a powerful effect on us, on the devil and on God. Praise is our highest calling. Plus, when we praise God, we’re lifted up as focus our attention on Him and not our problems.
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Praise Isn’t an Option


No 'Do-Over' in life!No Do-Overs in Life!”
We can check texts and emails before sending, but in life we don’t have that opportunity. Pray with the psalmist to ‘set a guard over our lips.’
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No Do-Overs in Life!


how to stop stress stealing our peace“Is Stress Stealing Your Peace?”
I can’t picture Jesus in a state of panic or distraught with worry. Yet, despite His promise of peace, many of us become stressed and anxious on a regular basis. We don’t have to live this way.
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Is Stress Stealing Your Peace?


“Be Careful what You Listen to!”Be Careful What You Hear!
Words are powerful! What we hear influences us for good or ill; we therefore need to be selective about what we listen to.
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Be Careful What You Hear


“Value the Gift of Laughter”The gift of laughter
Joy and laughter are good for us. Proverbs tells us, “A merry heart does good, like medicine.” Take advantage of this wonderful Gift!
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The Gift of Laughter


“How to Stay Calm when Life Is Stormy”Life can be stormy!
Life isn’t all smooth sailing. We all face storms now and then. God wants us to experience His peace, even when life is turbulent.
November 9, 2013
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Find Peace in the Storm


“God’s Gift of Sleep”God's gift of sleep
God designed us to need sleep and rest. He gave us sleep as a gift. Our need for sleep reminds us that we’re not in control. God is!
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God’s Gift of Sleep


“A Key to Living Peacefully”A key to living peacefully
Living peacefully in our crazy busy world can be a challenge, but it’s easy to know and enjoy God’s perfect peace.
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A key to living peacefully


You were chosen in love“You Were Chosen in Love”
Knowing that God chose us simply because He loves us, and not because of anything we’ve done or could ever do, frees us to rest in and enjoy His love.
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Chosen in Love


Who are you really?“Who Are You Really?”
Our true identity is found only as we look to God, and understand His immense love for us and His complete acceptance of us—just as we are.
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Who Are You Really?


“Resting in the Shepherd’s Care”Rest in the Shepherd's care
Trusting God as your loving Shepherd. Asking for and expecting help from the One Who knows you intimately, loves you dearly and cares for you like no other.
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Rest in the shepherd’s Care


“Where Are You on Your Priority List”Priorities
We can easily wear ourselves out taking care of everyone else. But we’ll be better equipped to care of others, if we take good care of ourselves first.
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Where Are You on Your Priority List?


“Identity Crisis”We have an identity crisis!
In a world of conflicting messages, we can only find our true identity when we understand something of who God is and how much He loves us.
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Identity Crisis


“God Chose You!”God chose you!
Even before He created the world, God had you in mind. God chose you and loved you then. He loves you intensely now, and always will.
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God Chose You!


“Are We Too Busy?”Are we too busy?
Being too busy can take a toll on our health, work, and relationships. The One Who created time gave us a perfect example to follow.
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Are We Too Busy?


Keep God's Priorities--our time is His!“Keeping God’s Priorities”
Learn how to keep God’s Priorities and don’t fall prey to the ‘urgent’—reacting to the current demands and circumstances, rather than doing what’s most important.
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Keeping God’s Priorities


“You’re important to God”You're important to God!
As we take time to reflect on all God has done for us—on how precious and important we are to Him, we’ll be inspired with fresh trust and confidence in God.
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You’re Important to God


the safest place on earth“The Safest Place on Earth”
David wrote Psalm 63 fleeing for his life from King Saul, who’d vowed to kill him. He learned to trust God when he was afraid. God never failed him, and He will never fail us.
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The Safest Place on Earth


How to Find Joy in Trouble“How to Find Joy in Trouble”
Difficulties and dangers drove David to God. After pouring out his heart before God he determines to worship. In God’s the light of God’s presence his problems fade and he’s filled with joy!
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How to Find Joy in Trouble


God's Invitation“God’s Invitation”
God is ready to help us, but waits for us to come to Him. He’s paid a high price so that we can come freely into the presence of the Creator of the universe. And He invites us to come.
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God’s Invitation


How God sees you“How God Sees You?”
We’re usually aware of our own imperfections and faults, but how does God view us? What does He really think of us? It’s easy to suspect that He may be disappointed or frustrated with us. But even on your worst day, He adores you and wants the best for you!
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How God Sees You


“Worry and Trust Don’t Mix”TruWorry and trust don't mix
Worry and trust simply can’t exist together. I can’t trust God and be anxious at the same time. When we’ve prayed about a problem and given it to God, we need to believe He loves us, wants the best for us and is in control of everything.
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Worry and Trust Don’t Mix


God’s Desire to BlessGod desires to bless His children
God’s heart desire is to bless us His people. We can never do anything to earn His blessing. He’s our loving heavenly Father, Who longs for us to come to Him, share our thoughts and feelings with Him and listen to Him.
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God Desires to Bless Us


“Cultivate Thankfulness”Cultivate Thankfulness
The Message Bible concludes Colossians 3:15 with the words, “And cultivate thankfulness.” This apparently isn’t an option, yet being thankful doesn’t come naturally. It takes work, but the rewards are well worth the effort!
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Cultivate Thankfulness


“Changing World, Unchanging God”Changeless God in a Changing World
Our world isn’t static. Life changes, and sometimes our circumstances can feel out-of-control. But God never changes—you can rest secure in His never failing, never changing, unconditional love for you.
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Changeless God in a Changing World


Hold onto your joy!

“Hold onto Your Joy”
Jesus has promised us joy that no one can steal from us—unless we choose to give it away. What we watch, read or listen to, even other people’s emotions, can diminish our joy if we allow it. We need to hold onto our joy!
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Hold onto Your Joy!


Be still in a busy world“Be Still in a Busy World”
In our hectic, fast-paced world, it’s easy to become too busy. Being busy can feel good, but wears us out and takes our focus away from God. Being still in a busy world isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding.
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Be Still in a Busy World


Help in a Crisis

“Help in a Crisis”
When we’re in a panic or a crisis, we often try to solve it ourselves. This is a reminder to bring God into the picture and let Him be our strength and guide through the storm.
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“Finding Peace in a Storm”peace-in-a-storm
It’s easy to be peaceful when things are going well, but much more difficult when the storms of life are raging.
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Peace in a Storm

rejoiceAlwaysRejoice Always! Is that Even Possible
How can we ‘rejoice always,’ when our circumstances and emotions are frequently changing?
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Rejoice Always!


“What Are You Spreading?”Joy Is Contagious!
Joy is infectious! When we’re around happy people, we really do ‘catch’ their joy.
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GetAway – an Uplifting Moment, What Are You Spreading?


“Joy in Trouble”Joy in Trouble?
We can’t always avoid trouble-it’s part of life, but we can choose our response.
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GetAway – an Uplifting Moment, The Surprising Power


Reap the Reward of Joy”The rewards of joy in God's Word
Joy and God’s Word can bring us genuine joy.
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GetAway – an Uplifting Moment, The Surprising Power of


“Tap into the Healing Power of Joy”Tap into the healing power of joy!
Joy and laughter really are good for our emotional, spiritual and physical health!
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GetAway – an Uplifting Moment, The Surprising Power of


“The Surprising Power of Joy”
Don’t underestimate the surprising power of joy to give you the strength you need! The surprising power of joy!
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GetAway – an Uplifting Moment, The Surprising Power of


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Trusting God as your loving Shepherd. Asking for and expecting help from the One Who knows you intimately, loves you dearly and cares for you like no other.