Hungry for More of God?

Hungry for More of God?

Are you hungry for a deeper, closer friendship with God?

Recently I was asked, “What one thing has made the greatest impact on your life?” An interesting question to ponder. Other than God Himself of course, I had to say that His Word, the Bible, has impacted and changed my life more than anything else. Time spent reading, studying, memorizing and thinking about this incredible book have dramatically changed me and have certainly deepened my friendship with God like nothing else ever could!

God’s Word is true. It will change you, and deepen your friendship with Him if you let it! It’s a love letter written to youfrom the very heart of an incredibly loving God. Plus, He’s given you His Holy Spirit, who inspired the writers, to personalize it and make it practical for you!

And it’s full of promises—more than 7000 or them! It provides wisdom from God that you need each day. It’s dynamic, living, and relevant to whatever you’re currently facing (Hebrews 4:12).

As a new Christian I was encouraged take hold of this book and let it feed my soul. Just the other day, I read Psalm 81. Although I’ve read it many times before, verse 16—a beautiful promise related to this—seemed to leap from the page. It says,

“But I will feed you with my spiritual bread.
You will feast and be satisfied with me,
feeding on my revelation-truth like honey
dripping from the cliffs of the high place.”

A beautiful picture of the sweetness and satisfaction this book brings!

I encourage you to feed (and feast) on it in as many ways as you can to get a firm grip on God’s Word and let it change your life. Here are five ways you can do that:

  • Hearit (Nehemiah 8:3, 8, and 13:1; Acts 19:10) – Listen to good teaching—in addition to your local church, you can hear excellent teaching on the Internet.
  • Readit – Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart as you read (Psalm 119:18, Psalm 102:18). It’s easy to take this for granted, since we have such easy access to the Bible in a variety of different translations in the West.
  • Studyit (2 Timothy 2:15) – Spend time digging more deeply into this Word: ponder, question, research, and reflect on it. Ideally, join a group where others study the same passage or topic to discuss and share your thoughts together.
  • Memorizeit (Psalm 119:11) – Memorizing Scripture has changed my life and stirred a greater passion for more of God and His Word. It also gives the Holy Spirit material to draw from as we face different situations.
  • Meditateon it (Psalm 1:2, Psalm 119:15), and apply it to your life. Allow it to change you!

If all we do is hear a sermon on Sunday, we won’t have a very good grip or grasp on God’s Word, and the enemy can easily come and snatch it from our minds.I encourage you to spend time in this book and strengthen your grip on it. When you do this with a sincere and hungry heart, you’ll develop a closer, deeper friendship with Jesus than ever!

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