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He Knows Me by Name
Experience God's Deep Love for You

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"He Knows Me by Name" is an audio that will remind you who you are in God's eyes. God loves you passionately just the way you are, and there's nothing that can separate you from His love.

Knowing that the God who spoke all things into being knows you by name and even the number of hairs on your head will give you a deep sense of security and belonging that will counteract the stresses you face every day. With an original song written and performed by Doc Watters "He Knows Me by Name" will imprint itself on your brain to remind you daily how precious you are to the living God.

This audio combines soothing music, uplifting song and spoken words, including passages from the Bible, to communicate God's incredible love for you the listener.

Run time: 45:43

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What Are People Saying About He Knows Me by Name?

"The moment I started listening to the He Knows Me by Name audio, I felt a peace come over me. I was so uplifted hearing truths like 'The God of the universe loves me, He knows me intimately by name, and takes delight in me.' Each of these truths, being backed up by scripture readings, is very powerful in renewing the mind.

This audio is a peaceful combination of relaxing instrumentals, original songs, and Scripture readings by Victoria's soothing voice—a voice that connects the listener to the very heart of the Father's love. This is an anointed audio that ushers in peace and refreshes the body, soul, mind and spirit. I can't wait to listen to Victoria's other inspirational audios!"

Deb Sandberg 


“Whenever I have a stressful day, I play my He Knows Me by Name audio before I go to bed at night. I feel my heavenly Father’s love wrapping around me when I listen, and I’m grounded in my faith again. Every time I listen to it, I have the best night’s sleep.”

Carol Whitney