Genuine Joy and How to Find It

Genuine Joy: Discover King David’s Secret

Genuine joy can seem illusive, yet God longs to give you genuine joy. King David knew this kind of joy even when facing life-threatening difficulties. We can learn his secret and experience that same deep, unshakable joy that kept him trusting God in the midst of grave dangers and heart-rending family crises.

The Passion Translation renders Psalm 16:11 this way:
“You show me the path of life.
For You bring me a continual revelation of resurrection life,
The path that brings me to the overflowing joys;
Of the exquisite and eternal pleasures of gazing upon Your face*”

God has promised to show us the path of life—his path Genuine Joy - in God's presencefor your life. And he clearly states in this psalm that ‘overflowing joy’ is found in his presence. King David, who wrote the psalm, knew and enjoyed God’s presence often. So what might stop us from doing the same and experiencing genuine joy?

Perhaps we’re just too busy right now, but will plan on spending time with God soon. But then it’s all too easy to get side-tracked by urgent, often trivial distractions and postpone our time with God till later, which may or may not happen.

Or we may have messed up and feel guilty or unworthy to come to God. Or even sense that enjoying God’s presence is for other ‘more spiritual’ people.

I encourage you to set some time aside each day to simply hang out with God. Talk to him—just tell him honestly how you feel and what you’re thinking. Wait quietly and listen. Ask God to make himself more real to you—to show you more of himself and his incredible love for you. Praise and worship him—perhaps read some of David’s psalms.

If you do, it will change your life. Plus, you’ll know genuine joy!

*Psalm 16:11, The Passion Translation

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