Changeless God in a Changing World

When my kids were really small, for almost two years we moved constantly. Staying with different people in different cities and countries had its fun sides, and it definitely had its challenges. At that time, we weren’t even sure what our future held. I felt unsettled. I remember reflecting often on the changeless God in a changing worldwords in Psalm 18:2,”The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock.*” God seemed to be the one stable, unchanging element in life, the changeless God in a changing world. He was the solid Rock I could cling to-a source of stability and comfort.

Since that time, whenever I face change or uncertainty, I turn to that truth for reassurance. Life is never static. There’s always change, and not all of it is by our own choosing-illness, tragedy, other people’s actions can bring change. And in the midst of what may feel like out-of-control circumstances, it helps me to remember God is my immovable Rock.

We can be confident in the truth that God never changes, His love for us is constant, unchanging. Nothing we can ever do could make Him love us less or more. You can rest secure in His never failing, never changing, unconditional love for you.

*New Living Translation

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