How God Sees You

I’ve been reflecting lately on how God sees me-what His opinion of me really is. Intellectually, I know He loves and accepts me, but somewhere deep down I sometimes find myself questioning what He really thinks of me and if … Read More

Worry and Trust Don’t Mix

I’ve been challenged recently that worry and trust don’t mix—they simply can’t exist together. I can’t trust God and be anxious at the same time. Paul writes to the Christians at Philippi, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. … Read More

Be Still in Our Hectic World

It’s hard to be still in our hectic world! One of the enemy’s subtle and sneaky strategies is to keep us busy—really busy. And in our frantic, media saturated, always communicating world, that’s not hard. I know I’m faced constantly with needs, … Read More

Self Care Strategies

At our Ladies Summer Event this week, at the JFC Lakewood Campus, Lucille Zimmerman spoke to us about being renewed—“Seven Self Care Strategies.” As women, we often tend to take care of everyone else first, and put ourselves last on … Read More

Good Stress and Bad Stress

The body’s stress response is designed to protect you. It can keep you energized, alert and focused. But too much stress, especially ongoing stress, can be detrimental to your health, your relationships and your quality of life. We live in … Read More

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