Be Still in Our Hectic World

It’s hard to be still in our hectic world! One of the enemy’s subtle and sneaky strategies is to keep us busy—really busy. And in our frantic, media saturated, always communicating world, that’s not hard.

I know I’m faced constantly with needs, opportunities and demands on my time and energy. I bet many of you are too. Being busy can feel good; it’s sort of a status symbol showing we’re important and productive. We really want to help others, but don’t always keep appropriate boundaries. And finding the right balance isn’t easy.

Be still in our hectic worldOn-going busyness results in exhaustion and frayed nerves. It also takes our focus away from God—from hearing His voice and seeing our world from His perspective.

I’ve been thinking recently about the Christian contemplative practice of stillness. I’m challenged by the words in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I’m God.” And I’ve been taking 15 minutes each morning just to be still. Not to pray, read or think about Scripture, just to be silent before God and listen. It’s hard to turn off my mind and just be quiet—much harder than I imagined.

But afterward and even during the day, I enjoy a new level of calm and sensitivity to hear God’s voice. I challenge to you try this—to take a few minutes to be still before God in our busy world.

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