Hungry for More of God?

Are you hungry for a deeper, closer friendship with God? Recently I was asked, “What one thing has made the greatest impact on your life?” An interesting question to ponder. Other than God Himself of course, I had to say … Read More

Summer Sleep Solutions

The longer, hotter days and warmer nights of summer can disrupt sound sleep patterns and result in troubled slumber—lying awake tossing and turning. The farther north we are, the more daylight hours we experience, which can make deep, restful sleep … Read More

Genuine Joy and How to Find It

Genuine Joy: Discover King David’s Secret Genuine joy can seem illusive, yet God longs to give you genuine joy. King David knew this kind of joy even when facing life-threatening difficulties. We can learn his secret and experience that same deep, unshakable joy … Read More

Don’t Undervalue the Power of Joy

Christian As Christians, we often underestimate the immense power of joy. Maybe consider it unnecessary or frivolous for serious followers of Jesus. But the Bible tells us otherwise. King David knew the joy of the Lord, and described it this … Read More

How God Sees You

I’ve been reflecting lately on how God sees me-what His opinion of me really is. Intellectually, I know He loves and accepts me, but somewhere deep down I sometimes find myself questioning what He really thinks of me and if … Read More

Worry and Trust Don’t Mix

I’ve been challenged recently that worry and trust don’t mix—they simply can’t exist together. I can’t trust God and be anxious at the same time. Paul writes to the Christians at Philippi, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. … Read More

Cultivate Thankfulness

The Message Bible concludes Colossians 3:15 with the words, “And cultivate thankfulness.” This apparently isn’t an option, yet being thankful doesn’t come naturally. We have to cultivate it—nurture and develop it. Thankfulness takes work, but the rewards are well worth the effort! … Read More

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