Victoria MunroThe Power of God’s Word
- My Story


Looking for God

My parents were not Christians and none of us attended church, but from early childhood something inside me was searching for God. I’m sure, in different ways, this is true of everyone. I wanted to know why I was alive and if there truly was a God. If there was, I wanted to find Him and know Him. I realize now that this was God stirring in me a desire to seek Him.

As a teenager and young person, I was wild and rebellious. I did a lot of crazy things and lived life to the full—or so I thought. But that longing to know God continued to gnaw away inside me. I found my school Bible (in England at that time we were required to have a Bible for school) and began to read it.

It made little sense to me. I was a poor reader and deciphering the Shakespearian English was a difficult. Adding to the challenge, I read it late at night and was often too drunk to figure out much of anything. But I continued to read it for years. In my twenties, I even began to visit a local church and attend their weekly Bible study.

Meeting Him

I met Jesus at a Billy Graham crusade. When I made the long trek to the front of the auditorium, a lovely woman named Judy stepped out and introduced herself. She talked with me, prayed with me and then gave a little booklet to me with four Scripture verses printed on cards, assuring me that it would help me if I memorized them.

My Word Turned Upside-Down

After that everything changed. My life was turned upside-down! The Bible changed for me too—it was alive! Overnight this amazing book became God’s incredible love letter to me, and for the first time, it made sense—well most of it did. I was hungry and wanted to learn more, much more, and as quickly as possible. This new life was exciting and I didn’t want to miss out on any part of it!

Hungry for More

The next time I saw my new friend Judy, she encouraged me to read my Bible each day and ask God to speak to me as I read. She gave me another small booklet titled, Seven Minutes with God. “Of course,” she explained, “You don’t have to just spend seven minutes each day. It would be better to spend more time than that.” Since it was summer, I woke up very early in order to read before work each morning.

When I met Judy again sometime later, I asked if she thought three hours was enough time to read and talk to God each day. I wanted to read much more, but I had to work too. I was excited and eager to get to know this God. I wasn’t disappointed.

God Turned a Difficulty into a Destiny

Life was wonderful and everything went smoothly for those first three weeks of my new life. I was learning lots, receiving excellent teaching and all the encouragement and help I needed. Then one evening my world was shaken. It completely devastated me when the minister leading the weekly Bible studies at church announced they would stop meeting for three months over the summer.

I pleaded with him to continue, told him he simply shouldn’t do this to me and the other new believers. It just wasn’t right! We needed the Bible study now to learn and grow. But he was adamant about stopping for the summer and suggested that I lead it—me, who knew next to nothing about the Bible!

Step Out and Face the Challenge

A few days later, I visited the only Bible book store in the city. Climbing the well-worn sandstone steps into a very old, red brick building, I walked into another world—a different era. I felt as though I’d stepped into a Charles Dickens’ novel. Everything appeared old, dark and very dusty. It had that musty smell of old books. Two elderly ladies dressed in drab, out of style clothes, eyed my mini-skirt disapprovingly, and asked if they could help.

They didn’t appear to take me seriously or really want to help me. Searching all those shelves loaded with books when I didn’t even know what I was looking for was confusing, but I left with an armload of books and commentaries. The weekly Bible study started again the following week.

I hadn’t a clue what I was doing, but I learned a whole lot that summer. We studied Paul’s letter to the Philippians. I chose it because it was short and seemed relatively uncomplicated. It remains one of my favorite books.

People seemed to enjoy the study, God used it to change our lives and I was hooked! I’d witnessed the incredible, life-transforming results and rewards of Bible study, and was committed to study the Bible as long as I lived!

Since then I’ve written many Bible studies and led dozens of small discussion groups. There is little in life more rewarding than to see someone blossom into the person God designed and destined them to be!