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Want to Experience the Adventure of Jesus’ Powerful Presence in Your Life?

Taste & See Facebook Challenge

“Taste & See” ~ A Bible-based Mentoring Group Do you want to be part of a group with others who want to grow deeper in their friendship with Jesus –people who are hungry for more of Him? Would you like … Read More

Hungry for More of God?

Are you hungry for a deeper, closer friendship with God? Recently I was asked, “What one thing has made the greatest impact on your life?” An interesting question to ponder. Other than God Himself of course, I had to say … Read More

Tap into the power of God's Word
Tap into the Power of God’s Word!

  “Fill your thoughts with my words Until they penetrate deep into your spirit. Then as you unwrap my words They will impart to you true life And radiant health Into the very core of your being.” ~ Proverbs 4:21-22 … Read More

Rembrandt's painting of storm on the lake
You Can Enjoy Peace in Life’s Storms

  Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving, And you will see that I am God! I am the God above all the nations, And I will be exalted throughout the whole earth! ~ Psalm 46:10   There’s … Read More


Achieve Your Breakthrough Move Forward and Reach Your Goals Overcome Obstacles that Stop Your Progress! Many of us unconsciously sabotage our own destinies, finances, and relationships. We often know what we should do, but don’t do it, and get stuck. … Read More

Enjoy and Uplifting Retreat, a Christian relaxation audio
Enjoy an Uplifting Retreat 30-Minutes


This longer audio is designed for a more in-depth energizing and relaxing experience

It will help lift you up, and clear and energize your mind. With uplifting Scriptures from the Bible, this audio leads you through a more in-depth relaxation process–gently tensing and then releasing each muscle group. You'll feel uplifted, relaxed and ready to enjoy life.

Play Audio Sample ::

 … Read More

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