• "God’s Living Word really will transform your life!" - Victoria Munro
  • "God’s Living Word really will transform your life!" - Victoria Munro

Discover the Royal You! Training for Reigning

An in-depth Bible study that
will change your life!

  • Be encouraged as you see yourself as you really are—as God sees you
  • Gain new confidence in your royal identity in Christ
  • Learn to quickly trade debilitating lies for powerful truths of Scripture
  • Discover how to rightly exercise your true God-given authority
  • Find answers you’ve been searching for as you discover and boldly pursue your divine destiny

I really believe that if you follow it with the heart to get closer to God, you cannot help but to do that, and in the process fall even more in love with Him.

Melita Quinonez

Her insightful questions encourage the heart to ponder, engage, interact and dialog with our Savior. She has wonderfully captured the art of combining the study of God’s Word and the opening at the heart to commune with God.

Karen Ross
Home Smart Realty Group

This study will prompt you to appropriately use the authority the Lord Jesus died and rose again to give us. You will not only see yourself as who you truly are—a co-heir with the King of kings, but you will complete this study motivated and filled with hope to pursue your divine destiny!

Nancy Paul, Biblical Counselor
Jubilee Fellowship Church

. . . that practical path to take you higher. Victoria’s track record of overcoming, her passion and illumination of God’s Word is contagious! Get prepared to be trained. Get prepared to be grounded. Get prepared to be changed and used by God!

Jackie Jacobsen, Teacher and Founder
Led by the Spirit School

This study was soul searching, insightful, and empowering as I examined the Biblical truths of my royal identity. I was able to identify those hidden encumbrances to truly owning that I am a daughter of the King. How freeing to feel I can walk in the love, power, and authority that God has for me!

Suzanne Simpson, Licensed Counselor

She has allowed the Word of God to form her life and this Bible study series is the result of that personal, intimate spiritual formation. I am excited for her Bible study series to spread across the nation, producing the same fruit that we have seen within our congregation.

Evan Martin, M.Div.
Colorado Church Glendale, Colorado

I can say I am more confident in walking in the true royal identity that God intended for me, and I believe you will too!

Alison McCoy

Victoria’s heart for women is profoundly rooted in essential spiritual truths leading women to identify and appreciate themselves as the Father does; to walk in His promises for them and reign as His royal daughters!

Debra W. Hudson, Ph.D., Dean Colorado Christian University & Founder of Walk on Water: Ministry to Women
Colorado Christian University

. . . Victoria Munro, has walked this walk and she lovingly and compassionately has put herself and her heart into every part of this study as she allows Holy Spirit, through her writing, to lead us into the freedom and destiny of the supernatural life with God.

Chris Tracy, Denver, Colorado
Author - Tapestry - The Divine Design for Your Life & Founder - Beautiful Smart Lady Summit

It has been such a blessing to watch the love and fellowship grow between the neighbor gals. . . . Comforting and praying for one another has truly blessed our neighborhood community. Thank you for this wonderful study!

Shari Underwood

A Gift From Victoria ::
Beside Quiet Streams Audio

Beside Quiet Streams is a calming meditative reflection on Psalm 23 designed to soothe you, and help you rest peacefully in God’s love. Enjoy. (5 mins.)

Honey for Your Soul @ FACEBOOK


21 hours ago

Honey For Your Soul

“But all who listen to me will live in peace,
untroubled by fear of harm.” ~ Proverbs 1:33
Listen to and follow His loving voice, and enjoy His peace!
Where to you find the most peace?
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“But all who listen to me will live in peace,
    untroubled by fear of harm.” ~ Proverbs 1:33
Listen to and follow His loving voice, and enjoy His peace!
Where to you find the most peace?


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Amen in the word of God. For his peace ✌️ which surpasses all understanding shall guard our 💕 and mind in Christ Jesus hallelujah amen.

I love walking at the beach as the beauty of God’s work just takes all my stress away. I love praying as I walk at the beach.

By the ocean listing to the waves and knowing that the vast sea was created by God

Sitting in my patio after reading some inspirational writings by Sarah Young I look out of the windows and thank Jesus for the beauty that surrounds me.

I find peace in reading His word in prayer and in fellowship with other believers.

When spending reading meditating his word being thankful gives me peace praise you Lord


I find my peace by reading my Bible and singing gospel songs that's me Tamani Muhuro Glory to GOD

I find peace in knowing God of Israel listens to our prayer

When I'm reading the word of God!!!!

With God I found His peace . Amen

When I am reading the word and when I am praying .

When I read His Word

I find peace at church on sat. Eve

Amen... In His great book of truth!

In my back yard



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God’s Word gives life, hope and is full of everlasting joy! It changes lives! Ask Him to speak to you as you read it today! (Psalm 119:114 and Psalm 119:160)
How has God spoken to you through His Word?
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Psalm 42 today: noted that David was talking to his own soul personifying it. He acknowledged his emotional state and then reminded himself of times when God came through for him, God his rock...etc...

Reasurance of his presence love mercy grace protection peace comfort provision and so much more thank you Lord

We are to seek Him with the whole heart and not a divided heart. Yes my Father is talking to me.

I talk to my Father I trust Him with all my heart He is there for me whenever I need him

He gives me the peace of being alone and praying to him, during the week.

His mercy & Grace!



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“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb,
sweetness to the soul and health to the body.”


~ Proverbs 16:24